The Loss of Order: Post #3

So this week has been rather interesting overall.  I had an almost unprecedented three day weekend (it’s not uncommon for me to have a 6 day workweek) last weekend and to make up for it, the rest of the week just wanted to drag by, interspersed with moments of serenity here and there.  My shift this morning was no different though at least we were busy.  That always helps make time go by faster.  Anyway, enjoy the update and the rest of your weekend!


The next morning found them all much refreshed, though still sleepy, with Denys waking them shortly after dawn.  “Come on.  Time to get up,” he chided, shaking each person gently as he went by the beds, a morning ritual they all liked to grumble about.  Getting Marcus and Summer up was more of a joint effort that resulted in pestering by the other five until they finally succumbed to the reality of dawn and clambered out of bed too.

Reluctantly, they stood up from their beds, tousled hair and crumpled robes a good indicator they had slept well.  Marcus still had a line imprinted on his face from his pillow that Summer pointed out in amusement, to his chagrin.  The others left him well enough alone, still waking up themselves.  Half of them stifled yawns as they filed out and headed for the bathing pool; girls on one side and boys on the other.  A wall separated the hot spring that made up their bath but there was always an assortment of playful banter on both sides.

“Hey Summer?” Marcus called over, a cocky smile in his voice.  “How’s the bruise I gave you?”

Summer and the other two girls glanced at the purplish mark on her arm where she had failed to block correctly in a sparring match, and they speculated briefly.  “Probably better than yours,” she retorted, unsure if she meant it was more impressive or less so than his.  Laughter on the other side made the girls giggle as she had marked him at least equally well on the thigh when he had been unable to dodge.  Click here to continue reading. —>

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