The Loss of Order: Post #12

Safe and rested, our heroes are given the chance to recuperate from their ordeal and attempt to make preparations to continue on.  During their stay, they meet additional members of the village and learn the world outside the monastery can be welcoming too; or at the very least, less foreboding than they had thought.


Maybe it was because they all had been on edge for the past two days, or maybe it was the safety of the inn and the bath and the good food they enjoyed, but the Elementalists slept soundly, without worrying about a watch.  Dawn’s greeting light through the shuttered and heavy glass windows woke the sleepers slowly with Kharin being the first to rise.  The cot she slept upon didn’t provide the comfort of her bed, but she was rested and only slightly stiff.  She took a peek at the other two in the dim morning luminescence, noting that Summer was beginning to stir as if she was going to wake soon and Eleanara was curled tightly into a ball on her bed, the covers bundled around her messily.

Kharin laughed and saw Summer crack an eye open.  “Morning,” she called quietly, sitting up and placing her bare feet on the cold ground, wincing in resigned acceptance.

“Morning,” Summer yawned, stretching hugely on the bed.  She looked over at Eleanara and shrugged, sitting up to look around.  Her eyes opened reluctantly at first and then she took another deep breath.  “What time is it?”

“I’d wager just after dawn,” Kharin supplied, moving to the window and slowly prying open the shutter to let the light spill in.  It was incredibly bright, reflecting off the field of snow everywhere so that she immediately closed it, opening the window just a crack instead.  “Wow.”  To continue reading please click here.–>

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