TMMD Chapter Three: Ancient’s Dust

Paper whispered beneath her fingertips as Amarynthe turned another page and peered at the finely scrawled words through narrowed eyes. Magelights stationed around the room helped her see better, though if she opened the windows, the sunlight streaming in through the fourth floor would have been sufficient. Unfortunately, sunlight was damaging to the books so … Continue reading TMMD Chapter Three: Ancient’s Dust

The Mage’s Magicless Daughter – Chapter One

A Mage, His Daughter, and Two Apprentices Mud squelched under foot while Amarynthe plodded through the marshy ground, eyes peeled for the particular plant she was searching for. The walking stick in her hand helped make sure she didn’t get mired anywhere as the basket over her other arm swung with each labored step. Blowing … Continue reading The Mage’s Magicless Daughter – Chapter One