Loss of Order


Long ago, the power of the elements was given by the gods to six individuals to use as they needed and to help maintain the order of balance within their world.  A seventh figure was given the ability to neutralize their power in order to keep them from destroying themselves.  In their time, they were able to accomplish much good and they helped the people to move forward in civilization and technology.  The seven persons though, were not immortal and after a time, they disappeared from the course of history.

One of several tornadoes observed by the VORTE...

മലയാളം: Antelope Island Echo Ghost towns

Years passed by and life carried on much as it always had.  Occasionally, another would rise who carried the power of a single element but without the balance of the others and especially the neutralizer, each new elementalist was consumedby the power they wielded.  History showed that some burned out quickly, destroying themselves inadvertently, while others rose to power, often taking the form of tyrants who reigned fiercely.  Their fall was no less destructive, consumed by the power they sought to control with no thought of the consequences.



Now, in the year 746 AE (After the Elementalists) Enrhyll Larath has risen with the combined strength of all six elements and a neutralizer at his side.  Just over one year ago, he started a very aggressive campaign to conquer the world.  With the power of the elements at his side, he has gathered an army run by fear and has declared himself a god.  His conquest has been unmatched and unrivaled with no one strong enough to match him.  In his campaign to bring the continent of Frinleth under his influence, his presence has stretched nearly the entirety of the land and he will stop at nothing to achieve his goal of world domination.  The people are given but two choices: acknowledge Enrhyll as their god and accept his leadership or death.

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One thought on “Loss of Order

  1. I stopped by your blog when I read a comment on another’s. I love fantasy, it’s my favorite genre by far. What I love about this so far is the clearly defined conflicts and use of the old elemental powers. As George RR Martin said, “There is something old and true in fantasy” and some of the things you touch on here resonate with that. I hope I have the time to follow your progress!


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