World Building

On this page, feel free to follow along as I build my various worlds piece by piece. As a writer, I tend to create my own and, while what I’ve got so far is enough to get things moving, I’d like to take a bit more time to really flesh things out and create a real world. Or two or three… haha

I will be trying to maintain weekly updates for each new segment to keep something going at all times. I can’t promise it’ll all stay within the one world linearly speaking, but we’ll see what happens with the rest. I’ll also be posting previous world building elements I’ve established in order to give insight into other realms and new ideas if you’re curious. Here goes nothing!

Helpful Links and Resources

I will periodically be updating this particular area with new links and resources that can potentially be helpful to anyone who is building their own world. This might apply to writers primarily but Dungeon and Game Masters also come to mind. If you have any that you would like to recommend, please feel free! I’ll check it out and see where it might fit in the grand scheme of things. ^_^

Creating planets, continents, towns, and such

Check out this ->post<- to see an example of creating physiological differences for a non-human species on its home world vs those who leave to explore the stars.

Check out this –>post<– to see an example of building and modifying a city when using a random city generator.

If you’re interested in mapmaking or generating maps for your world, continents, cities and such, I recommend looking at the post HERE with all the various links available throughout. ^_^

More to come…

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