Shorts / Short Stories

Here you will find short stories anywhere between 1000 words and 10,000 words. If it goes longer than that, it will be added under Novels and Novellas. There might be some exceptions though. Also, a lot of my shorts are typically not high or epic fantasy because with those… the plot gets away from me. XD These are more often fictional pieces with hints of fantasy or smaller scopes that can be finished, more or less, in a single sitting. I’ll see if I can add some of my longer works to the novels section before too long.

Wake-Up! – A relatively short pseudo-drabble between Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and Donghae in which one doesn’t want to get up and it’s the other’s job to make it happen regardless. Cuteness and playful antics ensue. (900 words)

Celestial Descendants – Trelewk is a grandfather who volunteered to watch his grandson for an evening while the boy’s parents have a night out. Fascinated by the tales he’s heard of Grandpa Lewk and his friends, he asks how his grandfather came to lose his wings. Aided in the telling by his good friends Chulyre, Ganik, and Khyune, Trelewk agrees to relay the story. (5,708 words)

A Serendipitous Cancellation – Everyone hates unexpected cancellations and delays. Henry is no exception so when he gets stuck at the bus station in miserable weather, he figures it will be a long night of solitude with nothing but his music and soggy feet. That changes considerably when a very drenched, noticeably tense, and rather attractive young woman arrives in a hurry. The fact that she is clearly bothered by something and just as upset over the unexpected cancellation does not go unnoticed by him. Cue his attempts to get to know her more. (4,749 words)

And I You – Sunny and Sungmin are a contemporary dance couple who end up in a car accident with a drunk driver. In the wake of the accident, recovering is not as easy as they hope. Sunny struggles to finish the dances they used to do together and Sungmin can only be there for her because it’s something she has to overcome herself. (4,110 words)

The Monster’s Lair – Looking for a horror-esque short featuring an older sister searching for her missing brother who happens to get caught up in the stuff of nightmares? Step right up. Join Sunny (from Girls’ Generation) as she searches for her missing brother, Yoongi (from BTS). Yes, Namjoon makes a guest appearance too. Seriously though, this was at least partially dream inspired and it is not for the particularly faint of heart. Warning for some gruesome imagery and descriptors, but if that doesn’t scare you away, please enjoy. ^_^ (8,240 words)

Cuddles Are the Answer – A cute, domestic, wolf AU in which one of the pack members has a bad day and the others decide cuddles are the answer. Featuring Kibum, Jinki (Shinee), Changmin (TVXQ), and Taekwoon (VIXX) – (1,415 words)