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IMG-2844  Hello and welcome to my page!

Hmm. What can I say about myself? haha I was born in America but for the past several years, I have spent my life moving around and looking for the place that feels like home. So far, I’ve spent time in China, Japan, and Poland and I have no idea where I’ll end up next, but who knows! I’ve got my eye on maybe seeing New Zealand or Iceland at some point in the future.

As for writing, it’s apparently in my bones. According to my parents, I was telling stories even before I can remember doing so. I used to write all sorts of things in my younger years and started my first official novel when I was 14. Maybe one day I’ll brush it off and see if it can’t be salvaged. XD It was supposed to be a four part saga and younger me thought it was amazing. The current me knows there is something there but it will take a lot of polish to bring it up to speed.

While I appreciate a great many kinds of stories, I personally dabble in the realm of the fantastic. Fantasy is my bread and butter with a heaping helping of adventure on the side. I can do science fiction and I’m not averse to horror, but as for most of everything else… I’ll leave those to the respective professionals. In recent years, I’ve done a fair bit of work with fanfiction though it’s mostly in regard to borrowing characters. The worlds are my own, by and large.

Given my love of stories and fantasy in general, it should come as no surprise I’m also a fan of similar books, games, and movies. My favorite authors of all time include such names as:

Anne McCaffrey (the Dragonriders of Pern books)
Mercedes Lackey (Heralds of Valdemar)
Andre Norton (the Elvenborn trilogy)

I’ve also got a soft spot for Juliette Marillier and Patricia C. Wrede as well as Piers Anthony. I’d be very hard pressed to choose a favorite movie but some that I always go back to or that had a rather large impact on me include:

Legend (1984)
The Fifth Element
The Mummy (1999)

…and so many animated films and shows it would be hard to recount them all. I fully adore Xena and Buffy though and was a huge fan of the original X-Men show as well as Gargoyles. Anybody remember that one? haha And as for games, Dungeons and Dragons will always be near the top of that list, but Werewolf from World of Darkness is also amazing, and I am no stranger to any number of role playing games on Playstation. Valkyrie Profile will forever remain one of my absolute favorites. Anybody a fan of Norse mythology?

When I’m not getting lost in the various worlds and stories surrounding my existence, I am an English teacher that focuses mostly on conversation at the moment but I admit to preferring reading and writing any given day of the week. Shocker, I know. haha I don’t know that this is what I will do for the rest of my life but I have made the recent decision to hopefully start taking steps to publish something. And if not through an actual publishing company, then by myself. Here’s to taking those first steps!

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I know you’ve been away for quite a while, but thought I’d write and see how things were going? Still writing? I’d given the blog thing a pause while my job got crazy but I’m starting up again, though a little less regularly. How’s things at your end?


    1. And now it’s my turn to be abysmally late in sending any sort of response. :/ I appreciate the message though! Thank you for that. ^_^

      As for myself, I seem to be avoiding my blog overall, for whatever reason. At present, I am actually in my final semester of graduate school and getting ready to head to China for my teaching practicum. As such, I’ll probably attempt to set up a second blog to chronicle my adventure and maybe, if inspiration sparks, I’ll be able to add onto this one. lol I do still write, though mostly for myself these days.

      How go things on your end? It’s been a little while since I’ve explored your page and am rather behind the times it would seem. *sigh* Hopefully things are going well!


      1. I always meant to check back in here, but I never did. Shame on me. My blog is still going strong, nearly finishing up a year-long weekly project that’s been a lot of my life. I was recently re-reading my “Icarus” story and remembered to come by here again. I hope all is well.


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