Anthropomorphs – Shorts / Drabbles

Welcome to my up and coming collection of shorts and drabbles featuring anthropomorphic fantasy creatures. While there may be some hybrids along the way and potentially a variety of were critters (the possibilities are endless), my idea is to focus on essentially humanized fantasy critters. None of them should be very long and they are going to be loosely related / interconnected but I don’t have plans for an overarching story at the moment. Mostly, I want to see what would happen if I put anthropomorphic versions of said fantasy creatures into everyday situations. I’d love to be able to illustrate them but my drawing capabilities are pretty much nil – well, I can but it takes me forever and it never comes out the way I want it to. XD That being said, anybody wanna collab? ^_^

For now, the header image will feature the cast as they’re introduced or otherwise envisioned. Again, my drawing abilities are poor so stock images of said creatures that are the inspiration will be added as they appear. Kind of limited at the moment but who knows? Maybe we’ll get an entire cast at some point. Hopefully with some potentially obscure critters along the way. Just so you know, yes, a unicorn will make an appearance (how could I not?). I just don’t have a storyline in mind yet. For now, I hope you enjoy what I hope will be the first of many to come!

The Phoenix and on Being an Open Book

Wherein Fen is nervous about his upcoming date and Vree plays a helpful and not so helpful role in encouraging him.

The Easily Distracted Werewolf

Vree’s attempts to study are ruined at every turn and Fen’s not helping.

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