Onboard the Shinee Ship: Origins

Genre: A futuristic slice of life mostly with some drama, trauma, and massive character development throughout. It is also a BL / LGBTQ story but there is no explicit content here. It was intended to be at least slightly more comedic than it came out but then again, comedy is not my forte. haha

Rating: I’d say it’s suitable for teens and up though some of the subject matter can be a bit heavy (see the trauma mention in the genre) but it’s definitely intended for young adults or older

Fanfic: as the title implies, it features the members of Shinee but in vastly different roles than we’re used to seeing them in. The story follows Key / Kibum and Onew / Jinki throughout so it is an OnKey story but in a very original setting and world. The other members make an appearance as well and there are some other new (as in OCs) and familiar faces throughout too.

Word count: 180,000 (first draft and it wasn’t supposed to be this long but here we are)

Description: Kim Kibum is not your typical first year university student. Flippant, elusive, and generally detached from any meaningful relationships, he has big dreams but more than enough obstacles to overcome on his path to get there. Lee Jinki is also not your typical second year university student. A helper to the core, he mentors, tutors, and generally assists as many first and second year students as he can on a regular basis. When their paths suddenly cross with a chance encounter in the library, their lives become irrevocably intertwined. Like most people, Jinki is not a person Kibum ever really wanted in his life, but he may be just the person he needs to help him make his dreams reality. As for Jinki… he may not have been ready to sign up for all that comes with helping a person like Kibum, but in so doing, the beautiful mess of a first year may well push him to come into his own in turn. And if they can get everything sorted together, graduate from university, get a ship of their own, and figure out where to go next, the galaxy better watch out. It may not be ready for Captain Kibum and his misfit crew.

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