The Loss of Order: Post #14

At last, our heroes must leave the comfort of Moorhall for further dangers unknown.  Better prepared this time, the beginning of the trek is almost enjoyable save for the knowledge they know enemy patrols are nearby.  However, the adventurers are blissfully ignorant of a greater danger that now stalks them…




It was with a mix of excitement and reluctance that the group headed out of the village.  A handful of locals waved at them as they departed, but left them otherwise alone, busy with their own tasks.  Bundled snugly in their new clothes, decently warm despite the wind, the start of the journey felt bearable indeed.  They resumed their formation like they had at the beginning of their journey with Denys and Eleanara in the lead and Kharin and Spencer bringing up the rear.

Despite the threat of patrols and the gravity of the task ahead of them, they were in surprisingly good spirits.  After a short time on the trail, Marcus even opted to regale them with his voice, a pleasant and bouncy marching song that helped pass the time.  When he started to sing it again, the rest of the group joined in intermittently, except for Spencer.

While the rest were making noise, he listened intently for anything out of the ordinary.  Contrary to whatever direction the natural wind was blowing, he had a steady stream funneling in from behind, carrying any whispers of sound directly to him.  Mostly, there was nothing beyond the sound of his companions but occasionally, there was a new one…  Intently, he scanned the landscape on either side, wary of the potential sounds he was hearing.  He glanced over at Kharin who seemed oblivious to anything going on beside their group right now.  To continue reading please click here. –>

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