Getting Back on the Horse

Okay.  Here we go.

It’s been far too long since I’ve attempted to come back to my forlorn little corner of a blog and do anything with her for which I am… both somewhat disappointed in myself for and hopeful at the same time.  While it might not be anything serious, I can only hope that this time around, I can stick to it and at least continue moving forward.  At present, I’m not entirely sure what I’m aiming to accomplish and presumably I’ll be able to come up with a better answer to that once I’ve walked this direction for at least a bit longer.

If nothing else, it would not hurt me to finish posting my story as I originally intended though this time around, I hope to intersperse at least a couple more personal tidbits here and there.  I haven’t stopped writing.  That I can assure you of.  It’s safe to say I was distracted by other avenues to explore but my muse has not been silent.  Maybe I’ll get the courage to link some of what I’ve been working on in the meantime and maybe not.  We’ll have to see, but for now, I am rather glad to be back.

And I don’t know if I’m getting myself in totally over my head just yet but I am also participating in NaNoWriMo again.  It is an event that I am both excited and nervous about since I am also under the onus of graduate school which was not a part of my schedule the last time I gave it a go.  lol  I’m curious to see if this sink or swim approach is going to work in the slightest and I can only hope I’ll be able to navigate my way through with a semblance of sanity by the end of it.  😉

So here’s to giving it another go and we’ll see where this road takes me.  I’ll have to rework a new posting schedule out soon but I will let you know when I do.

If you’ve found this, thank you for taking the time to listen and good luck on your path as well.

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