WW – Color Adjectives

Welcome to Wordy Wednesday! Today we’re going to look at color adjectives and the myriad ways in which we can use them.

Of course there are a plethora of accepted and standard colors in the English language you can use to describe any number of things (ROYGBIV anyone?). There’s nothing wrong with referring to the basics for such descriptions either. But sometimes, especially when you want to be poetic, romantic, or you just have the itch to use a new word that better encapsulates the very essence of what you are trying to explain, we can look to other descriptors for such a thing. Now, I won’t say that every stand-in for a color is the most appropriate, but hearing things like ‘a crimson bead on porcelain skin’ or ‘eyes the color of winter’s frost’ or ‘strawberry hair in cascading ringlets’ just make me happy. Not only does it give me an idea of what color I’m supposed to imagine, I have a specific shade to connect it with.

Let’s take a look at an example from a fellow blogger here:

I find this picture appealing for so many reasons (the softness, the general happiness it conjures up, of course the fantasy element as well), but it also gives us an opportunity to try and play with some color descriptors and schemes.

We could very easily describe this picture as: A brown skinned female creature with large ears and dark green hair sits on a brown log amidst a rain of orange and yellow leaves. She is wearing a bright white half cloak, a dull white shirt, and smooth white pants. She is smiling as she watches the leaves rain down with innocent orange eyes.

You might choose a different way to describe this, and again, there’s nothing wrong with the basics, but to my mind, it doesn’t quite encompass the full breadth of colors present here. Let’s use some of the suggestions from the following links to see if we can’t spruce things up a bit.

The Color Thesaurus

List of Colors by Shade – Wikipedia

List of Colors with Color Names – my new favorite!

Retry: A female creature with a cinnamon complexion, large ears and pine green hair sits on a brown log amidst a rain of leaves in shades of amber, marigold, honey, pumpkin, and tiger orange. She is wearing a daisy white half cloak, a linen shirt, and powder white pants. She is smiling as she watches the leaves rain down with innocent amber eyes.

The one thing I’d probably caution about using colors is to make sure they’re suitable for your world. If your universe or setting doesn’t have eggplants, it’s likely best to not use eggplant purple. Or Sacramento green… haha I mean, you could use them, but it might sound strange to your readers and pull them out of the magic you’re trying to weave. Likewise, if you’re making up a world, just about anything goes (purple unicorns, blue trees, pink water, etc.). For me, that’s part of the beauty of creating my own because almost anything is possible, so long as I can envision it.

But for now, let’s see what you can come up with for description purposes. 😉

From: https://www.instagram.com/p/CZ10Y9nq6Oy/

This is a fantastic image I found on Instagram and it’s a lovely opportunity to try descriptions using shades of blues, greens, yellows, and oranges especially.

What do you think? How would you describe the landscape here?

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