Wake Up!

While maybe not the most appropriate post for Halloween, I figure I’ll go ahead and get this ball rolling one piece of writing at a time.  lol  So the following pseudo drabble (under 1000 words is short for me  lol) details a relatively amusing wake-up scene between our good friends Donghae and Eunhyuk.  Yes, it’s fan fiction.  Yes it’s K-pop.  And yes, I had a very good time writing it.  🙂  I can only hope you enjoy it as well!  Thanks for stopping by.


The feeling of weight settling on the bed made him scrunch his eyes and roll over further, dragging the covers over his head determinedly as he burrowed his face into the pillow.  It was not time to get up yet…

“Hyukkie,” the soft voice teased while a hand wrapped over his shoulder through the blankets, giving him a light shake.

Eunhyuk grumbled from his hiding place, balling up even further under the blanket in a vain attempt to dissuade his guest.  “Too early, Hae,” he grumbled, sighing heavily when the other male’s hand pulled away.  He grunted in surprise when he felt a weight settle across him, heavy and unmoving.

“Come on you lazy monkey,” Donghae chuckled, tugging at the top of the blankets near his head.

“But I don’t wanna,” Eunhyuk whined plaintively, doggedly holding onto the fabric with both hands.  He was determined to enjoy more of his morning since they didn’t have practice until the afternoon and he wanted sleep.

“Being stubborn this morning?” he inquired, an obvious smile in his warm voice as he shifted again, alleviating the pressure over Eunhyuk’s body while the bed creaked once more, springs speaking out in argument of the additional weight.

“I could ask you the same thing,” Eunhyuk grumbled, rolling over onto his other side with the warm fabric bunched around, knees still drawn to his chest, taking up as little space as possible on the bed.  Brown eyes finally opened in a groggy face when he realized just a hair too late what Donghae was doing this time.  “Hae!” he yelped, sitting upright hurriedly as the other male latched onto his feet, containing them between his thighs so the sleeping blonde couldn’t kick him, and then began tickling them madly.

“Gotcha!” Donghae grinned impishly, body jerking in his friend’s efforts to dislodge him.

Laughing and flailing uncontrollably, Eunhyuk writhed on the bed as he reached up to try and pry Donghae free before another fit of laughter made his efforts useless and he fell back on the bed, grinning almost painfully.  “St-stop!  Hae…” he panted, making another grand effort to pry his feet free.  He actually succeeded in reclaiming one foot but that just meant Donghae clung even tighter to the other one.

“Not until you surrender!” he grinned infectiously, soft brown eyes crinkled in amusement with his messy dark brown hair falling in little waves around his face.

“Never!” Eunhyuk called out in one quick gasp, the standard response to such a demand.  His stomach was starting to hurt from laughing so hard though and he was already getting tears in his eyes, unable to catch his breath.

As prompted, Donghae redoubled his efforts until Eunhyuk was a breathless, panting, weakly struggling puddle of resistance on his bed.  He eased up just a hair and set the foot down, patting his muscled calf fondly while he inspected his friend.  “Give up yet?” he asked with that almost insufferable, victorious tone.

Breathing hard, Eunhyuk started to retort, “Ne-” but let the word die on his tongue as he picked his head up to glare at the other male still sitting at the foot of his bed with one leg resting over his thighs.  “Heechul put you up to this didn’t he?” he inquired instead, thin brow arched.

Donghae ducked his head sheepishly and admitted, “It was going to be me or Kangin and I think he might have just dragged you out of bed.”

Eunhyuk about choked on that comment and then laid his head back on the pillow, staring at the ceiling.  Why were they so determined to get him up again?  Oh yeah…  “It is a shopping day isn’t it?” he stifled a yawn, flexing himself into a sitting position so that he could blink at Donghae with teary eyes.

“Bingo!” Donghae grinned, reaching out a hand to ruffle the messy blonde hair affectionately.

“Bleh,” Eunhyuk grumbled, scrubbing at his face with both hands.

“Come on, Hyukkie.  They might start getting worried if we don’t move soon,” he chuckled, patting Eunhyuk on the shin this time before he wriggled himself free and stood up, swaying briefly where he stood as he had to catch his balance from dealing with a pins and needles foot.

Eunhyuk waved at him with one hand, fully intent upon lying back down just to see what might happen if he did but when Donghae didn’t move, he laughed sheepishly and shrugged.  “Coming,” he assured the other male, clambering awkwardly out of bed.

“Let’s go,” Donghae laughed lightly, turning around to head out.  He yelped in surprise and nearly stumbled when he felt Eunhyuk jump on him from behind, arms wrapped carefully around his chest, and he reached for the muscled legs reflexively, keeping them both from pitching backwards.  “Hyukkie,” he grumbled with amusement in his tone.  “You can walk you know.”

“Nah.  I’m just a lazy monkey after all,” Eunhyuk reminded him teasingly, resting his chin on the shoulder before him, grinning broadly as he glanced at Donghae out of the corner of his eyes.

“Aish,” Donghae shook his head and laughed once.  “Hopeless monkey.”

“Yep.  Now onward my dear fishy!”  An indignant but amused snort was his only response and Eunhyuk grinned to himself, more than satisfied as Donghae carried him out of the room on his back so they could snag breakfast before braving the crowds at the market.

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