The Loss of Order: Post #13

Rested and feeling much better after the considerably needed downtime, our group of heroes must now get ready to resume their journey.  Time and the realities beyond the safe walls of the inn do not stop simply because they do; a fact that is not lost upon them.  Fully geared up and with proper directions, the group must bid farewell to their gracious host and face the world outside anew.




Morning found the group up early and filled with nervous energy.  Unlike most mornings, there were no late risers, not to say they were lacking any of their usual antics.  Spencer ‘blew’ all the blankets off the girls while they were just getting out of bed, grinning with mischievous glee at their surprised outcries.  Kharin followed the fleeing figure as he retreated to hide behind Denys in the room next to theirs.  The latter looked confused, then amused and finally surprised when Kharin grinned.

Behind him, Spencer murmured, “Uh oh…”

Quickly, Kharin filled the room with darkness and stepped back, closing the door behind her and keeping an eye out in case Gairen showed up unexpectedly.  She listened at the door as Summer and Eleanara came out to see what had happened.

They heard a thud followed by, “Ow!  Kharin,” Denys called, still confused.  To continue reading click here. –>

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