The Loss of Order: Post #11

Having made the safe haven of the town, the Elementalists are given rooms at the inn where they can finally start to regroup and recover from their most recent ordeals.  They speak with the innkeeper for more recent news and when the conversation drifts too close to secrets they’d prefer to keep, new abilities are revealed, leaving them all to wonder just what else they might have up their sleeves.




The rooms proved to be simple but clean and spacious enough.  The girls shared one room and true to word, Gairen brought a cot in for them.  Spencer and Denys took the room next to theirs and Andrew and Marcus the one after that.  Their packs were settled unceremoniously on the floor while they situated themselves for baths.  Fortunately, there were two fairly large tubs with a pump for hot water and one for cold as well.  No wonder Gairen charged for baths…  The water had to be heated and they all wondered where that took place as they didn’t see any obvious furnace or piping otherwise.

Politely, the girls were allowed to go first, which Summer and Kharin did with relish, though not without a backwards glance to Eleanara who slept on in the bed furthest from the door.

“We’ll watch her,” Denys assured them before they stole off to the baths gratefully, content he was as good as his word.  He sat down on the bed opposite her and sighed, wondering when she would wake up after they made her sleep again.

Andrew joined him shortly, sitting down next to the other man.  “I hope we’re not making her sleep too much,” he murmured quietly, the concern plain on his face as he echoed Denys’ thoughts.  “I know she needs it, but…”  To continue reading, please click here. –>

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