Take My Hand

Take my hand


After some serious thinking, I totally felt that I needed to revamp this.  The first posting was a jumbled mess of emotion that put the words on paper but did my mother absolutely no justice.  This time around, I’ve done some work on it and I find it more worthy of the person who inspired it.  While it is true I have next to no training in poetry, that is no excuse for shoddy writing.  >.>  So please enjoy the redone Take My Hand.


Take my hand like you once did before,

You lead me through the dangers unknown,

And hold me closely forever more,

Until you release me on my own.


Take my hand when I need you now,

Keep me protected from the dark storm,

To cherish you forever I do vow,

My love for you shall hold solid form.


Take my hand dear and never let go,

Even on my final adventure,

My last departure and greatest show,

Freed from my mortal indenture.


Take my hand into the great beyond,

Take my hand to existence prolonged.

Take my Hand 187/365

Of course I’m still afraid of what’s to come with my mother having cancer but like most things, we’ll handle it one step at a time.  Thank you for reading and have a great day.

2 thoughts on “Take My Hand

  1. The line “Freed from mortal indenture” actually gave me chills — very unique and perspective-altering imagery. Thanks for sharing, and I hope your mother gets well.


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