The Loss of Order: Post #10

After surviving their first taste of combat, the forest proves to be very misleading and our adventurers must find their way to the village at the bottom of the mountain.  What solace will they find, if any, and what will they do now?




The trees that had seemed so far not that long ago rose up before them, the tops of trees first and then as the woods closed in around the group, the middle and the bottom where they became aware of their feet hitting the ground, crunching through a couple inches of snow to dirt.  While it was noticeably colder in the shade, none of them were inclined to stop for a fire.  Even Marcus was reluctant to call any sort of flame and Eleanara flat out refused to contemplate the comforting presence of a light spell due to her overuse of her powers already.

Unable to see their destination for the trees, the group continued to walk, not quite sure of where they were going but letting the slope guide them down.  It had appeared to be a straight shot through the woods when they were standing at the top of the forest looking down on the village, but inside the dark of the woods, it wasn’t so simple.  At last, they finally had to admit they were lost when the forest continued to stretch on, endless and taunting.

It wasn’t that it was frightening exactly, but the unfamiliar woods made them uncomfortable with no end in sight.  Small creatures moved on the edges of their vision, making them more nervous, especially after their excitement earlier this morning.  There didn’t appear to be any open places to rest either; just more trees.  Finally, Denys paused, feeling Eleanara lean against his arm heavily and when they were given a chance to stop, he could feel her trembling.  He cast a concerned glance back at the others and noted different levels of tiredness.  Summer seemed least affected overall, but that was fairly understandable.  To continue reading please click here. –>

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