The Loss of Order: Post #6

I had meant to have this up yesterday but work has been a bit crazy of late.  I apologize for the delay and hope you enjoy the update anyway!


Our heroes continue their journey where they must face their first night alone on the isolated wintery mountain.  What dangers will they face on their trek down the path and how will they handle the unexpected events that are certain to plague them?


Oblivious to the thought process of her friend, Eleanara took Denys’ proffered hand once more and resumed walking, albeit a bit more slowly than they had before.  The party kept an eye on the setting sun too, aware they would need to stop before full dark set in.  Both Eleanara and Marcus could light the way but it was dangerous to walk a mountain path in reduced light; a misstep could spell disaster.  Eleanara began to get nervous as she felt the end of the next hour approaching and her grip tightened reflexively again.  If her last reaction had her blacking out, however briefly, she was concerned what this one would do.  She didn’t want to be a burden but they could all feel the temperature continuing to fall, despite the continued presence of the barrier, and it wasn’t quite dusk yet.

Denys pulled her closer to him when he picked up on her tension, equally aware the hour was coming to a close.  “You could let it fall,” he suggested softly, his eyes glancing down at her quickly and then facing forward.

Briefly, Eleanara considered it and while it would have been a relief of sorts, she couldn’t let herself go that path yet.  Slowly, she shook her head, taking in their surroundings and watching the way the increased snowfall bent around the barrier.  It seemed as if the mountain itself was against them for the snow had increased, cutting their visibility drastically.  “Unless you want to stop early, it is better that I try, than get us all lost in the snow by lack of action.”  She sighed and chewed her lip, taking strength from his hand tightening on hers.  When she looked up to meet his gaze, she was surprised to see a smile of quiet pride on his face.

“I think you may be right on this one.  This time,” he added with a wink, feeling a slight twinge of guilt.  Click here to continue reading –>

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