The Loss of Order: Post #7

Trapped under an avalanche is not how anyone hopes to come to consciousness, but that is exactly what happens when Eleanara wakes up on top of the unconscious and injured bodies of her friends.  Healing them is not as simple a task as it seems and they still have to figure out how to get out of their confinement safely.




Awareness came slowly to Eleanara as tired eyes opened to dim light in a dark enclosure.  Her first thought was simply that she was uncomfortable and sore which quickly gave way to the realization that she was laying on someone…several someone’s in fact and there was no sign of any opening above them which led to a brief flash of panic.  She beat it down fiercely as dim light from beneath her illuminated the area slightly, allowing her to see the solid structure around them.  “Huh?”  Confusion reigned in her mind as she tried to put the fragments of memory together but all she could recall was falling asleep next to Marcus…and she had the distinct impression that she had been tossed around at some point, judging by the soreness she felt.

As she regained her senses, she looked down to see who she was laying on after all.  “Andrew?” she started, moving his arm off her abdomen where it had been resting.  Then she gasped as she saw the rest of them splayed out along the ‘floor’ in various states of unconsciousness and discomfort.  To her horror, they were all covered in blood; some far more than others.  “Guys?” she asked, trying again a bit louder.  When no one responded, she reached out and grabbed Andrew’s face in her hands.  He was the easiest to reach so she figured she would start with him.  “Andrew?” she asked worriedly, patting his face gently with her hands.

He groaned weakly but dark eyes finally flickered open and he seemed dazed when he first looked at her.  “Eleanara?” he asked laying a hand on her shoulder slowly before he sat up, aware that he was laying on someone else.  Awkwardly, he stood up, careful not to step on Marcus who was beneath him, or Denys who was slightly under the former.  He swayed when he stood on the inclined floor and Eleanara struggled to support him, his greater weight offsetting her.  She winced when she saw the deep gashes down his arms and the blood staining his shirt from the back.  Click here to continue reading. –>



In other news, I am aiming to try and become more active on my blog (it has been rather desolate of late).  I have been toying with the thought of establishing Monster Mondays and I rather like the idea.  So, starting this coming week, I believe I will be featuring a mythical creature/monster to help broaden my knowledge of fantasy and further investigate where certain creatures originate from, what they’re best known for and what they have been featured in.  Hopefully I’ll be able to add more posts during the week anyway.  Stay tuned for more and happy reading in the meantime.

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