The Loss of Order: Post #5

Unused to the adverse weather, the group of Elementalists contend with the cold and the snow while they journey down the mountain path with no end in sight.  New limits are found in more ways than one and they come to realize that even with their powers, they will still have to rely upon each other to reach their ultimate destination.

Full dawn found Denys waking the others while Eleanara worked out the finer points of the barrier.  It wasn’t that she had anything else to decide really, but she was nervous to try something so large scale and she would need to be in the middle of the group for best efficiency.  By the time the others had woken and were packing up and retrieving their own rations, Marcus was sustaining another fire with which they could get warm and to have some warmer water to drink instead of the ice in their waterskins or the snow on the ground.

“Slept well did you?” Kharin teased as she spied a silly smile on Eleanara’s face while the smaller woman ate.  She had received the tantalizing news from Summer who had seen her sleeping during the night and was mildly miffed she had missed it.

Eleanara flushed at the jab and immediately went on the defensive, “It wasn’t my idea.”

“Relax,” Kharin laughed, ruffling Eleanara’s hair affectionately, sending strands of loose curls everywhere.  “I was teasing and with you shivering the way you were last night, someone was going to have to sleep with you.”  She stuck her tongue out playfully, a mischievous grin crossing her face when her word usage caused her to flush even more.  After a moment, she relented and the grin faded, “Come on then.  We’ve got another long day ahead of us,” she explained, finishing packing up, another full ration down and the sleeping roll attached to the bottom of the pack.  To continue reading please click here. –>

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