The Loss of Order: Post #4

Our adventurers begin their journey to confront the tyrant who would control the world.  For the first time in their lives, the Elementalists leave the monastery and head for Abom’s Pass, the only path leading into or out of their secluded valley.




The path beyond their home was not large but it was wide enough that they could walk in pairs which they naturally aligned themselves to pairings they tended to have.  Denys led with Eleanara near him, while Spencer and Kharin took the middle and bringing up the rear was the trio of Marcus, Andrew and Summer.  Andrew had little trouble seeing over everyone due to his height and in the back, Summer could keep an eye on all the elementalists and the usage of their abilities.  Marcus lightened the mood by singing softly, one of the songs they had learned in the monastery.

From the start, their destination of the pass to even begin the long trek down the mountain seemed very far away.  Initially, they were only able to see a white wall ahead of them which was the top of the valley where the pass began that allowed travelers down the mountain.  Denys frequently referenced the map he had been given to familiarize himself with the terrain and to help ensure they didn’t get lost, though the path was easy enough to follow at present.  He was trying to memorize it as best he could in case anything happened to it and now was probably the best time before they had any real work to focus on.  Whenever he rolled it open though, Eleanara drifted closer to see too, to his amusement.

She was curious for one, and it was warmer near him.  It never actually got warm in the valley and it had only been getting colder the closer they got to their first destination.  Naturally susceptible to the cold, Eleanara grabbed at any excuse to put her closer to the warmth of another person.  The fact that it put her closer to Denys was just an added bonus and she couldn’t quite keep the smile from tugging at her lips.  To continue please click here. —>

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