The Loss of Order: Post #2

So I had meant to have this up considerably sooner and I do apologize for the delay.  My work schedule at the end of the month goes completely crazy so not a lot that I can do around 11+ hour shifts.  >.>  But, here’s the next part so I hope you enjoy!


Power flowed through them, uncontrolled and voracious.  From the six circles, a font of elemental energy sprang up around each person, engulfing them in the element they stood before.  As one, Summer watched the bodies of her friends rise slowly through the element that surrounded them in horrified amazement.  She didn’t know what was supposed to happen or if she was supposed to do anything at all.  The elements obscured most of their bodies but it did not look as if any of them were conscious…  Fear nagged at her and she looked for the Headmaster, but he was slumped over the table, unmoving just like the others.  “What…what do I do?” she asked into the power charged air.

Almost as soon as she asked her question, a surge of power from the image underfoot startled her and a voice whispered in her mind, “What you already know how to do.”

Summer nodded to herself and slowly reached out towards the six pillars.  When she closed her eyes, she could feel the elements there and with an effort, she willed them to go away.  For a moment, nothing happened, and then finally, the power grudgingly responded.  With eyes still closed, she could feel the strength before her diminishing, becoming more manageable until it dissipated entirely.  At last, she sagged in weariness and fell to her knees on the floor, exhaustion sapping her strength.  Never before had she tried to neutralize so much at one time…  Fearfully, she cracked open her eyes to look around, nervous about what she might see.  To her immense relief, all her friends had been set down upon the ground and appeared to be sleeping.  Continue reading —>

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