The Loss of Order: Post #1

The Ivolga monastery in Buryatia, Russia.

In the North easternmost reaches of Frinleth, secluded from the daily machinations of the world exists a quiet retreat where a powerful secret has been guarded fiercely for generations.  In the farthest climes of the mountains, past the bitter cold and in a valley secluded from the rest of civilization, lie the bodies of the original elementalists.  Preserved in ornate sarcophagi, they have rested, their spirits and the power within dormant until the need should come again for their strength.  Their bodies are no longer useful, decaying husks of the people they once were and all that truly remains is the power of the spirit.  To that end, keepers have been trained each generation to be ready should they need vessels for their power once more.

The neutralizers are descended from one family where in each generation, a female individual is sent to live and train in the use of her ability.  The precaution is strictly followed so there will always be one ready should the elementalists rise again.  It is a little known secret that the Silverberg family is directly descended from the first neutralizer and Summer Silverberg is the chosen of her generation to fill that role.  As agreed in the beginning, the would-be elementalists are sent soon after birth, pledge-children of the pact extolled by their ancestors to maintain the line.  They are the first born children of their generation in the families descended from the original elementalists, sent to the isolated Northsage Monastery to study the use of the powers that might one day be theirs.  The choice was never theirs so the only life they know is the cloistered existence inside the monastery.

“Hurry.  Hurry,” Denys hissed, ushering the six persons ahead of him forward.  “The Headmaster has been calling for us,” he explained quickly as he straightened his loose, tan colored robes and pat his hair, the light brown strands jutting forward and slightly into his deep chestnut colored eyes.

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I wasn’t quite sure how to post these but I like the open format that pages allow to help it not appear quite so crammed together in one space.  If you were to write a story, how would you post?  At present, I think it might be  more beneficial for me to post say the first three paragraphs in an update and link the rest of it to a page for easier reading.  This post might well change again before too long but I’m just trying to see what works.  ^_^  If you’ve any suggestions, I’m all ears.

In completely random news, I had to opportunity to see Premium Rush the other day, starring Joseph Gordon Levitt.  I wasn’t sure how good a movie about a bike courier service would be but it was surprisingly good overall.  If you’re looking for an entertaining movie with a rather nice blend of action and comedy and a villain you could really dislike, I would probably recommend it.  Thanks for stopping by and happy reading!

2 thoughts on “The Loss of Order: Post #1

  1. Someday I’m going to sit down and read this entire thing. College just eats up my time, so I can’t do much now, but I’ll read it eventually. What sort of feedback would you like? Critique, or just comments?


    1. I’m rather a fan of both but ultimately I’d prefer critique. Comments are always appreciated but I need the criticism to improve so whatever you’re willing to give, I will be happy to accept. Thank you for taking an interest in it too. 🙂


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