The Monster’s Lair – Short Story

*Header image from left to right: Namjoon, Yoongi, Sunny **Looking for a horror-esque short featuring an older sister searching for her missing brother who happens to get caught up in the stuff of nightmares? Step right up. Join Sunny (from Girls’ Generation) as she searches for her missing brother, Yoongi (from BTS). Yes, Namjoon makes … Continue reading The Monster’s Lair – Short Story

The Mage’s Magicless Daughter – Chapter Two

A Shopping Run and a Birthday Her nose itched and it was a struggle to fight back the sneeze that threatened as Amarynthe picked through the baskets of dried herbs and ingredients in the herbalist’s shop. She could feel Auntie Parkins’s dark, thoughtful eyes on her as she rifled through the selections, taking her time … Continue reading The Mage’s Magicless Daughter – Chapter Two