I’m Back!

For the audio version, you can listen here.

Surprise! I don’t know if anyone is still following or how active anyone else is, but here we go again.

I’ve recently decided to resurrect this page and see if I can’t actually do something with it this time around. I’m looking to try and publish something in the relatively near future and this is a good place to help me stay focused and keep my momentum going, if at all possible. I’m still working on revamping the layout and figuring out what I want to do with it, but I can make a couple promises I hope to be able to keep.

  1. I will be trying to maintain at least weekly updates. I didn’t do so hot the first time around but that’s also because I didn’t really have a clear goal in mind. This time around, it will focus on my writing, stories, world building, etc. I will be posting and adding things beyond that, but weekly updates. Yes.
  2. More engagement. Half the time, I’m a true introvert and a legitimate shut-in nowadays but the digital world doesn’t give much room for excuses there. XD If you have questions or comments, I will respond.
  3. I may ask more of my potential readers and audience too. Don’t worry! Nothing too crazy. Maybe a poll here or a request for input there… but yeah. I’m all about brainstorming and when I keep running into dry terrain, I like to widen the field if possible.
  4. I will also be sharing pages and resources and suggestions as I come across them, as needed. I don’t work for any of the places I might suggest and if I do offer one, I’ll explain why. But mostly I will do so in the hope that you might also find some use in them or that they can be helpful too.

So… it’s Thursday. I don’t have my first regular post ready yet but I’m thinking about establishing either Saturday or Sunday for such a thing. For now or at least until I have a stock of information I can get ready on deck to shift to another day. Either way, thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a great day!

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