Successfully ‘Completed’ NaNoWriMo

Huzzah!  So as of the 24th, I hit the required 50,000 words and was able to validate after midnight last night so my goal has been met!  What did I do to celebrate?  Took a step back to work on random oneshot that has absolutely nothing to do with the story I’m working on.  lol  Feel free to take a gander if you’d like!  Here’s a bit of a teaser for you too.  😉


Everyone said that he must have just run away when Suga didn’t return from the woods near the city.  He’d always said he was just going to up and leave one day, to find his fame and fortune elsewhere, and most were convinced he finally had.  Sure, the police performed a cursory search but when they found no evidence of foul play or anything to indicate something had happened to him, they wrote him off like yesterday’s news.

Sunny knew her baby brother though, and she didn’t believe it for a second.  When one week turned into two and nothing changed with no word from him one way or the other, she determined that she was going to find out what happened to him one way or the other.  And if Namjoon wasn’t going to give her a hand, then she’d just go search for him alone.

It may not have been her best idea ever.  Click here to read more.  🙂

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