The Loss of Order: Post #9

Having escaped the avalanche and found a possible place of shelter just down the mountain, the group is unprepared for their first taste of combat.  No one reacts how they expected to and they are left to wonder how else they might act in similar circumstances.




The group dallied as long as they dared in the increasing light of day.  Carefully, they had doctored what they could of their outer coats and those whose coats were bloody beyond repair were forced to fall back on the extra layer of clothes they had brought along.  Most notably, Andrew, Marcus and Denys fell in that category.  Kharin had been able to cut out the hole in the side of hers in a satisfactory manner so that her arm hid most of the damage so long as she kept it down.  They figured that once they got down from the mountain, they would travel in pairs, with the exception of the trio of Marcus, Andrew and Summer, and Spencer on Kharin’s other side would be able to help hide the damage further by dint of his physical presence.

Carefully, they buried the bloody remains of their clothes, leaving just enough poking out to provide a distracting smell.  They couldn’t hide the blood scent on their person, but perhaps they could distract any followers with the stronger scent from the coats.  That had been Kharin’s idea and she still felt nervous about it.  They all vividly remembered the sound of the snow wolves coming after them, with the exception of Eleanara who had miraculously managed to sleep through it due in no small part to Andrew’s attentiveness.  They were still unsure as to how she had done it though…

At last, the packs were split up among the group, repacked with the waterproofed blankets and with waterskins reattached.  Denys helped Eleanara into hers after securing his own, catching a glimpse of both Andrew and Spencer politely helping Summer and Kharin while Marcus rolled his eyes.  It made him smile, grateful for the small pleasures that helped to push the immediate events to the back of his mind.  With a final glance around, he saw the group was finally ready to head down.  From their vantage point on the mountainside, it seemed so far away…but there was nothing to be done for it.  As lost as they were, it was the only marker they had and was likely the village Yoogin had told them was at the bottom of the mountain pass.  To continue reading, please click here. –>

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