Beautiful Blogger Award

So I was recently nominated for my first blogging award, courtesy of who I would like to profusely thank.  I am stunned and honored by her consideration.

As stated in the rules of participation, I would like to share seven facts about myself:

  1. I was born in Hanford, California but currently reside in North Carolina.
  2. My favorite author is tied between Anne McCaffrey (sci-fi) and Mercedes Lackey (fantasy).
  3. Waterpolo was possibly one of the most difficult but rewarding sports I’ve ever competed in.
  4. I have one younger brother who is usually mistaken for my twin or my elder (I just don’t see it).
  5. I never grew out of loving horses.
  6. I fully intend upon going sky diving and/or bungee jumping one of these days.
  7. I want to visit or move to Japan.

Rules of Participation:

  1. List seven things about yourself.
  2. Nominate seven other bloggers.

My Nominees:


Congratulations to my nominees and the very best of luck to you.  Happy blogging!  🙂

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